What Makes Your Daily™ Coaching Different?

Our Foundation and Philosophy

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There are a lot of wellness programs out there, all designed to help get you well. So, how is Your Daily™ coaching different, what is our magic sauce, and what are we helping you to overcome?

We’re specifically designed to help heal chronic illness and burnout conditions. We blend nervous system regulation, trauma and chronic stress resolution, gut healing, and somatic exercises to help you learn how to heal and love your body from the inside out.

We believe you can’t heal a body you hate, and you can’t shame yourself into wellness.

Your Daily™ Principles:

Based in Science. Tailored to You.

We aren’t a one-size-fits-all health program. Your personalized coaching plan is based on your wellness assessment and the latest mental and physical health findings in nervous system regulation, trauma recovery, and gut health.

You Can’t Heal a Body You Hate.

When you feel like your body is giving up on you, it can be hard to come around and show it some love.

But really, our bodies are always fighting for us—literally doing all they can to keep us alive! We can only heal in a state of safety, which is why our programs and tools are rooted in building trust with yourself through tools that help regulate the nervous system and retrain the brain so your body has space to heal itself.

We go slow to go fast.

Trying to do everything at once to heal yourself isn’t really very helpful. In fact, it’s that kind of approach that got you feeling so badly in the first place. At Your Daily™, we want you to create changes that last, and we firmly believe that the best way to do so is by creating small daily habits.

It might go against your nature and feel like you’re not doing enough, but believe us when we say that this approach is tested, proven, and backed by science. And isn’t it easier to do a little at a time than everything all at once?

Your Daily™ Coaching Foundations:

Nervous-System Centered

Our central nervous system is responsible for keeping us safe, healthy, and happy.

When chronic stress and toxins begin to overburden our nervous system, burnout and chronic illness can set in. 

Whether you’re working on a diet or asking for more money, Your Daily™ helps you focus on creating an internal feeling of safety. You’ll learn tools to mitigate outside stressors and regulate your internal nervous system.

Mind-Body Tools

The mind-body connection is the link between a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and their physical health. 

We use mind-body tools inside the Your Daily™ Health Coaching app because you are not a sum of individualized parts, you are a whole person.


Unresolved trauma affects us through our nervous system.

Strong evidence also shows that burnout, autoimmune issues, and trauma are connected.

We bring trauma-informed experts, coaching, and modalities to our coaching program which supports expansion and learning in a supportive environment.

Integrative Nutrition

A fundamental principle of our coaching is the concept of Primary and Secondary Foods.

Primary Foods are foods that feed the soul. Secondary Foods are the foods we eat to nourish our bodies.

By learning how they both fuel you, micromanaging diet becomes a thing of the past.

Brain Retraining (Neuroplasticity)

What if you could rewire the entire unhealthy mindset responsible for poor eating habits, autoimmune disease, unhealthy relationships, and weak personal boundaries.

Well, you can with a little trick commonly known as brain retraining.

Your Daily™ Coaching helps you create neural shifts to break old habits and to learn new ones.

Habit Creation

Most new habits don’t stick because we use shame, guilt, or willpower to get us through. In our programs, you’ll learn how the shame monster keeps you stuck in a stress loop and set up to fail, and how to do it differently.

We teach you how to replace old habits with new ones in a technique called Habit Stacking.

Gut Healing

All health, good and bad, can be traced back to the gut. 

Our brain and gut are linked together through our nervous system, so when communication is off because of poor diet, toxin overload, high stress, or even unprocessed trauma, we feel and see it in our digestion, our hormones, our skin, our immune system, and even our mental health. 

The gut-brain axis is vital and our coaching focuses on healing the gut and then keeping it healthy.


Our platform is specially developed for people deep in burnout and with chronic illnesses. Burnout Prevention and Burnout Recovery are very different in terms of coaching. Recovering from burnout requires neuroplasticity, gut healing, and an unwinding of the nervous system.

Through their own journey and coaching others, our instructors know first-hand the details that move the needle and the modalities that only seem to make things worse.

After her health crashed to the ground with four autoimmune conditions, and was desperate for answers. After spending more money than she’s willing to admit and much trial and error, she found the answers she was looking for: the gut, stress, and trauma are all interconnected and keeping us stuck when unaddressed, and healing is possible when we get to the root of our dysregulation.

It is possible to create the life you want and learn to love and heal your body, we’d love to show you how.

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