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Bloating, Insomnia, And Weight That Just Wouldn’t Budge

But She Changed It All With These 5 Simple Steps

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Reading Time: 8 minutes

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, you’ll be shocked to know that the cause is NOT what you think it is.

Anka was done!

She was swimming in information and suggestions on how to change her body and her health, but nothing was working.


👉 Anka hadn’t slept a full night in what felt like a lifetime.
👉 Her stomach hurt every time she ate anything.
👉 The bloating had her looking like she was 7 months pregnant.
👉 She couldn’t fit into anything in her closet but yoga pants. 
👉 She woke up every night at 2am and stared at the ceiling until 6am.
👉 And she was always on edge and exhausted.

Adding to her troubles, she was grappling with peculiar skin rashes that she feared might be shingles.

She was stressed, exhausted, and fearful that she’d be stuck in this state forever. 

Grasping at straws to try and “fix” the problem, she was always hunting for new supplements and probiotics. 

She was cycling through fad diets like keto, macro counting, elimination diets, no carb, no sugar, twelve hundred calories, Atkins, and more! 

She was even considering hiring a weight loss trainer or purchasing a program like Noom thinking the coach might solve the problem.

But now she was overwhelmed with trying to fit in all the new stuff in her day, and, worse, she wasn’t seeing any results. 

When she did have one day or a few hours where she felt good, she’d get excited and think she had finally figured it out, only to be let down a few hours later with more belly bloat and a sleepless night. 

The mental and physical pain, plus added frustration and fear were taking a toll on her. 

The Hidden Cause Lurking For Many Women is a Body Stuck in Fight or Flight

Anka found me through Instagram talking about “healing a body you hate” and was instantly intrigued. 

✅ She hated her body. 
✅ She hated the way it felt.
✅ She hated the way it looked.

And now that her body was acting up, all the health routines she was doing were exhausting her and making her feel both discouraged and disgusted.

Why was it always something? 

Why couldn’t she get a body that looked good and felt good with easy maintenance? 

What did other people know that she didn’t?

When we dug in a little deeper, there were more symptoms linked together that she didn’t notice before:

➡️ muscle tension
➡️ unexplained weight gain
➡️ acne / skin flare ups
➡️ puffy face
➡️ craving salt / sugar
➡️ hair thinning
➡️ drinking lots of coffee to get through the day
➡️ severe fatigue
➡️ ADHD mind
➡️ brain fog
➡️ difficulty resting
➡️ muscle weakness

And that’s when I knew her nervous system was stuck in fight or flight mode

She’d been to a few doctors and had all the tests run, only to find out she was “normal” and her labs were “in range.” 

Her doctor explained away her symptoms, but she knew it was something more. 

He told her, it’s:

✔️ The price of being a mom
✔️ She’s probably in perimenopause
✔️ Told her to lose weight and sleep more
✔️ Gave her a prescription for some anti-anxiety medication

…then sent her on her way. 

The doctor hadn’t mentioned fight or flight mode, or that something was wrong with her nervous system. 

How could that be?

Your Body Has a Hidden Surveillance System That is Keeping You Stuck Exactly Where You Are…

Your central nervous system is like a surveillance system and it’s always scanning to see if something (people, events, environments) is safe or unsafe, and then act accordingly. 

That’s its whole job: scan, sort, react. 


If it believes something is unsafe, it pushes adrenaline and cortisol into the body so it can react quicker and think faster to escape harm. 

We call this “fight or flight” mode.


The opposite of “fight or flight” is “rest and digest.”

When the body feels safe, it digests food, makes new cells, and quite literally, repairs itself. 

We’re meant to live most of our life in this state, but we weren’t given the instruction manual on how to do that.

If we’re always in a stressed state, the body never gets a chance to repair and replenish itself—and it certainly doesn’t get a chance to digest yesterday’s tacos.

In today’s world of scrolling media, 7 different ways to message someone, rush-hour traffic, endless work deadlines, a fumbling economy, and young kids, her body never gets a break.

It’s like going to the bank and constantly making withdrawals, but forgetting to deposit your paychecks. 

At some point, the account will run dry and you’ll occur an overdraft fee. 

In your body’s language, an overdraft fee is fatigue, anger, depression, anxiety, gut bloat, diarrhea, constipation, skin rashes, hair loss, insomnia, and more. 

We helped Anka see that while her body was in the fight or flight state, it wasn’t allowing her body—or the countless supplements, protocols, diets, and new habits she was forcing onto it—a chance to do their magic.

Here’s How to Heal a Body You Hate With a Little-Known Framework Called the RESET Process

Anka understood this now, but had no idea on how to do it for herself. 

As an older millennial woman, she’d been taught from the jump to control, manipulate, and transform her body to be something other than what it was. 

But she hadn’t been told about her nervous system, or how to manage stress.

She was skeptical: 

How was she possibly going to change the way she felt about her body using nervous system tools and de-stressing techniques? 

And she wasn’t entirely convinced this was going to help her bloat and sleep issues. 

It all felt both too easy and overwhelming at the same time.

This is where our R.E.S.E.T. Process came in to help. 

Our RESET Process is meant to take someone from feeling helpless and barely surviving to thriving in just 5 steps. 

The order of these steps is important for the nervous system.

Moving too fast, or in the wrong order, is the reason you stop an exercise program one month in, or find yourself eating a sleeve of Oreos in the pantry after an extremely restrictive diet. 

The R.E.S.E.T. Process


First, we have to remind the body we’re not being eaten by lions or bears, and that not everything or everyone is out to get us. 

We use tools like somatic exercises, binaural beats, journaling and mind-body meditations to manage stress in the moment. 

These tools give you an instant feeling of relief from anxiety, stress, and depression and allows your body to digest food, get a full night’s rest, and a more calm demeanor. 

Our app made picking the right tool for her mood easy with our daily check-in. 

Now, she didn’t have to guess which tool might work best for her. 

She especially appreciated that she didn’t have to spend the only free time she had scrolling through endless mediations only to find they didn’t work for how she was feeling. 

Click here for a quick 1-minute de-stressing tool you can use just before mealtime or bedtime.


Once she was regulated, she had more space to understand what was happening in her body. 

Through our workshops and courses she learned the language of her body and how to soothe it based on where her body holds stress and how to release it. 

These short courses allowed her to take a step back and see that stress isn’t just in the moment, but compounded over time. 

Everything started to click into place and she felt like she finally had the missing piece of the puzzle!


Once she had a basic understanding of how her body worked, and was practicing daily somatic movements, she began to create safety with herself. 

This is where she saw the biggest jump for herself. Suddenly she was seeing big results:

✨ She wasn’t moody anymore.
✨ Her digestion was on point.
✨ She had regular bowel movements.
✨ She wasn’t bloated after every meal.
✨ Her adult acne went away.
✨ She didn’t have after-meal sugar cravings anymore.
✨ Her mid-day slump and 5th cup of coffee went the way of the do-do. 
✨ She could complete a sentence without stumbling for words.
✨ Remember things without a pile of sticky notes.
✨ She could fit into her old jeans.
✨ She could sleep through the night.
✨ And more importantly, she started to feel like herself again.

Come check out our De-Stressing library to get you started. 


With our app she was able to create routines and habits that supported a healthy lifestyle and regulation…

…and she didn’t have to guess or cobble it together from blogs, podcasts, or influencers on Instagram. 

Suddenly the de-stressing exercises and gut support become second nature. 

She didn’t have to think about it anymore, her body just did it.  

It left her with an easy-breezy attitude when stressors came her way. 

Which led to better relationships, a strong sense of self and even self-care.

Anka found herself with a stomach that could tolerate foods well, and she was sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed. 

Once she started to lose the stubborn weight around her middle she felt:

✨ confidence this approach worked
✨ faith her body wasn’t broken
✨ and a renewed trust in herself

For the first time in her adult life she had a calm mind and a body she didn’t hate.


Having all this space in her new found world, Anka could finally see all the underlying issues that left her initially feeling worn down and anxious.

This was the step that helped her move away from her stress triggers. 

🔑 She was able to stop them in their tracks and think and react differently. 
🔑 She wasn’t bound to how she responded before, she could completely reshape her life and the outcome. 
🔑 Anka discovered that relationships were not supposed to be one-sided, and she had a voice. 
🔑 She didn’t have to do things “business as usual,” because that’s how she ended up with a wheelbarrow full of frustrations and gut issues before, and she wasn’t going back. 

She now had a strong understanding of her body and her reactions, a new sense of purpose, and self.

It’s what helped her stay on track even when things got a little rocky in her personal life. 

She started enjoying being around people again and delighted when they kept asking her what she was doing differently, because she was glowing, relaxed, and fun to be around.

And with a free 3-day trial, it’s risk-free for you. 

Many women are missing this vital piece when they’re trying to balance their hormones, lose the stubborn belly fat, and heal their gut.  

The key to healing gut issues, hormones, and stubborn belly fat isn’t to diet harder, or hire a personal trainer, or get a lot of tests done thinking the doctor will solve the problem.

It’s small daily habits that heal the nervous system—this is why I created the Your Daily™ app. 

It’s the app I wish I had when I first had my major health crash which kept me struggling to get out of bed, my hair falling out in clumps, suddenly gaining 40lbs, and impossible to even hold a pen or make a fist.

You may be thinking that no one can help you. 

You’re alone, tired, frustrated and no one gets it. 

I’m here to tell you that I do.

I see you. I hear you. And I want to help.  

If you’re ready to release years of stress and take control of your life with small daily habits, all you have to do is download our app and create an account to get started. 

I’ll show you how to work with your body, not against it.

This is exactly what helped Anka get rid of her bloated belly without another probiotic or supplement or personal trainer.

This is exactly what helped me put my multiple autoimmune conditions into remission.

So, if you’re ready to sleep soundly tonight without melatonin, Benadryl, or sleeping pills, just like Anika did, don’t wait any longer. 

Download our app right now and get instant access to relief and start feeling better today.

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