Set the Mood with this Mother’s Day Spotify Playlist

Set the mood

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Mother and her child listening to music
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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all our mothers have done for us. Why not show your appreciation by hosting a brunch in her honor this year?

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of songs to set the mood. These upbeat picks will keep things lively from classic tunes to contemporary hits, whether you’re spending Mother’s Day with your mom, another special lady in your life, or just relaxing by yourself.

Our Mother’s Day playlist features songs that are a little more funky and upbeat than the traditional sentimental and country and western genre-heavy songs found on most playlists.

Creating New Mother’s Day Traditions

Mother’s Day should be a day of celebration, but sometimes things get a little stale with the typical flowers and a brunch out. If you’re looking for inspiration for yourself, or to pass along to family members, check out our articles on creating rituals for both yourself and rituals for your mom.

So hit play, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women out there!

What are you listening to? If you have ideas for additions, hit us up on social media. We’d love to keep adding to this list!

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