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Welcome To Our New Name: Your Daily™!

Previously known as Noemi

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Sometimes you’re forced to pivot, even when things are going well.

When we discovered six months into starting our business that someone had recently trademarked a name similar enough to ours that we had to change it, we felt sucker punched. There was a lot that we already had underway, as well as some emotional attachment. Repetition does that to the brain and nervous system.

Changing our name was a blessing and a curse.

We loved our previous name Noemi and its meaning; When you said Noemi aloud, Know–Me, it reiterated our mission: to help you know yourself better.

However, a drawback of our previous name was it hard to spell and confusing to pronounce. 

We already had six months of branding and marketing out in the world (boo), but we weren’t yet in the App Store (yay).

But starting over? UGH. 

Can you relate?

We took a page from our own coaching.

We sat down and listed our wants, needs, and our values to understand what we truly needed in a new name that felt aligned:

  • A simple name that would be easy to SAY and TYPE.
  • A positive, desired action as part of it: “daily health coaching”.
  • A nod to YOUR journey: this journey is yours and personalized to you.
  • Our steadfast belief is that repeated small daily actions are what create great habits.

We plan on being more than a health coaching app. We will be a platform for health: an app, a live coaching program, a physical journal, retreats, workshops, courses, and more, so we created a name that scaled with us.

Welcome to Your Daily™ — we’re helping A-type women heal from autoimmune conditions with small, nervous-system-centered daily actions. You can try a free 7-day trial here to go from dealing to healing in no time. 

And as a treat to say thank you for being here, you can take 20% off our recently released Journal for People Who Don’t Know How to Journal (but really want to) by signing up for our newsletter.

We thank our founding members for all the good energy, suggestions, and support throughout this process. 

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