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Does Your Environment Affect Your Stress Levels?

Analyzing the Impact of Your Environment on Your Well-being

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For instance, if you live or work in a cluttered area, you will spend a good portion of your time looking for items. This takes away from more important items, like spending more time with family at home or getting more work done at the office. If you don’t have good organization skills, this can be a great first step in reducing some of the stress in your life.

There are companies that are paid big money to design the most efficient office environments. This concept is also being taken into the home as well. When the places you frequent give you a sense of balance, you will be more productive and more at peace. This can only lead to lower stress levels on the whole.

Some people believe these kinds of measures are nonsense, and the companies that espouse their use are just doing it to make money. There are going to be companies that do that, unfortunately. This small percentage of tricksters ruin it for the industry. Converse with those who’ve undergone transformations at home or work. Ask about any noticeable changes in their environments.

Like any industry, design has its fair share of fads. Consider the Feng Shui movement that was so popular a few years ago. It seems to have completely disappeared. This adds fuel to the detractors.

Another factor is an individual’s tolerance for stress. Some people can handle it well while others can only handle minor amounts. For those who can handle a large amount of stress, the environment surrounding them isn’t going to make much of a difference. While a well-designed environment may help them to some degree, they can work or live in just about any surrounding.

Those who have trouble with stress may be served well with an environment redesign. If their outlook and productivity improve, it can be well worth any expense for the design. Since it doesn’t matter much to those who have a high tolerance for stress, a company should consider going forward with the design changes, if they have the budget. Of course, a lot depends on the management’s attitude towards this type of improvement. If they are a skeptical lot, they won’t be easily convinced.

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