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How the Your Daily® App Works

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Your Daily™ is a digital health coaching app for A-types with autoimmune and burnout issues. It’s the only app out there that creates a custom plan for you based on your health needs.

Your coaching path shows you the top three areas of attention in helping you achieve your health goals. Based on your health snapshot, Your Daily™ prioritizes only one health objective at a time delivering a single piece of coaching, daily.

While this may sound frustrating at first because you want to review it all before you dive in, this enables you to focus your awareness and make micro-adjustments along the way in your mind, body, routines, and your environment that add up over time to support your health transformation.

Your Daily™ uses science-backed holistic mind-body tools and Integrated Nutrition principles. We tap into exciting new scientific breakthroughs around the central nervous system called Polyvagal Theory, the science of the gut-brain axis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), NLP, and even personality testing to bring the mind and body back to a state of calm and homeostasis so it can do what it does best: heal on its own.

That’s a lot of fancy words to say there are no isolated parts in our bodies and we work on the body as a whole.

Moving Past Willpower & “White Knuckling It”

You’ve been told that if you want something bad enough, you’ll persevere until you get it. If you’re reading this, we already know that you’re a go-getter and work hard every day. Lack of willpower and grit aren’t your issues for obtaining your health goals.

We know from experience to make positive, long-lasting change, you need a sense of safety and a system and environment that supports you. You also need a community of people who get where you’re at and aren’t asking more from you. (You’ve got enough going on!)

Goodbye Analysis Paralysis

Many apps and programs boast they have thousands of lessons or meditations; While it’s a fun sound bite, this does nothing for you. How much time have you spent scrolling through Netflix or stood in front of the fridge waiting for something to jump out at you? More is not necessarily better.

A woman with autoimmune and burnout issues often doesn’t know what she needs next and wants desperately for someone to support her and just show her the way forward.

Our approach is a little different. Most apps will let you pick what to watch or listen to, however, this assumes that you have the presence of mind to know what you need. Being dumped into a sea of options can be paralyzing and decision fatigue sets in as you spend more time trying on ideas, “Is this what I need right now?”, exhausting yourself even further jumping from thing to thing.

We see you. We know where you’re at. And we’ve discovered what truly helps is putting you on a path that will move the needle the fastest for you, and then making sure that you keep moving forward in this one area until you see — and more importantly — feel, change.

We go slow to go fast

A common theme we see with A-type go-getters is when they make change, they make a lot of changes all at once. Then, when the needle doesn’t move very quickly, they throw their hands up and tell themselves, “I’ve tried everything, and nothing works! I might as well go back to the way things were and accept feeling crappy.”

The reason we don’t see change quickly could be for several reasons: 

  • Focusing on too many directions at once. This is diluting your efforts. Do one thing and do it well. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals then you can move forward.
  • No accountability or method of measurement. What gets measured gets attention. If you’re relying on foggy memory, you can’t be sure what changes occur.
  • Willpower is finite. We only have so much mental and physical energy. This is why we need systems and the steps laid out.
  • Kindness. Please remember, it took years to break you; a couple of weeks may not be enough to bring you back. Give these tools and practices a chance to do their work.

“Success isn’t that difficult; it merely involves taking twenty steps in a singular direction. Most people take one step in twenty directions.”

– Benjamin Hardy, Productivity Expert

How long does it take to complete Your Daily™ Health Coaching app?

We encourage you to make a 3-month commitment to yourself and this program. We’ll remind you through text messages and emails to log in to get your next lesson or review a previous one. However, there is about a year’s worth of content inside the Your Daily™ Health Coaching app.

By doing the lessons daily, you’ll start to see a change in your world, however, you have to do the lessons. Yes, things might get busy and there will be times you just don’t want to do the work.

We ask that you put yourself first and dedicate at least 30 minutes to yourself and this process a day. Thirty minutes might sound impossible at the moment, but as we get through the lessons, you might find yourself with hours to yourself by the end. Please give Your Daily™ Health Coaching a solid chance to support you.

And if you need additional support, there are real humans and health coaches on the other side available for group and one-on-one coaching, just reach out inside the app to find out more.

Get started with 7 days free of Your Daily™ Health Coaching here.

Hugs to you, enjoy the journey!

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